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Destination Wedding: Alentejo

If you are looking for the tranquility of vineyards, the beautiful silence of nature and a never-ending landscapes of olive trees, Alentejo in Portugal is the place!

An indisputable romantic getaway, where you can find yellow colored and extensive valleys, hills, mountains, desert beaches, turquoise seawaters, picturesque fishing villages, UNESCO Heritage Sites, World class Wines… Alentejo is one of Europe’s best kept secrets, because It has kept its wilderness.

The best of Alentejo

Characterized by a unique landscape, when compared to the rest of the country, Alentejo is marked by a dry climate and hot temperatures in the summer, which helps understanding why it is considered such a peaceful place.

With a more rural background, Alentejo has been blessed over the last few years with the development of great facilities for tourism and events whilst keeping its relaxing atmosphere. It is now possible to find hotels in more rural settings, set in converted old convents, or multi-award design properties that are built in perfect symmetry with the environment.

6 Good reasons to consider Alentejo for your wedding

Below you can find a few good reasons to consider Alentejo for your wedding or special event:

  1. Proximity to Lisbon or Faro International Airports – depending on the final location for your event, the average distance time by car from the airports would be of 2/3h

  2. Warm and friendly people who enjoy making their home yours

  3. Varied offer in terms of type and dimension of hotels, from boutique to private farms to use in exclusivity for your event

  4. Great options for leisure activities to consider for pre/post event programme (such as: water related activities, historical tours, wine tasting and many local products…). Historically we have Roman ancient cities such as Evora, and for example our own unexplored Stonehenge equivalent, Cromeleque dos Almendres, a set of 7000 years old human height stones perfectly aligned with the sunset.

  5. Great gastronomy – mainly traditional Portuguese food, but more contemporary hotels have a wider choice available; we keep repeating ourselves but sitting around a table to savor a dish with a lively conversation is considered one of our life’s pleasures, and we love to share those moments with others.

  6. A Prestigious Wine Region with plenty of private tours with the owners who take great pleasure to explain to you the traditions of wine making, whilst tasting its local famous cheese, cured ham and you may even get to listen to the heritage Canto Alentejano, when old men gather and start singing traditional music.

We hope Alentejo has sparked your heart and remember we are here to share so much more and answer any questions you may have about about Alentejo!

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