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Tailored for international couples/clients or Portuguese couples living abroad, take a look at the services we provide for

Love & Life Celebrations.




 For so many (good) reasons such as great weather, exquisite food, stunning scenery, Portugal is naturally a popular destination for “Destination Weddings” in Europe. 

Nevertheless, for many, the idea of getting married abroad may represent increased levels of stress, doubts and the feeling of an unknown reality. Putting ourselves in your shoes, is why we are committed to demystify these fears and turn this into a simple and step by step pleasant experience. 

Our Destination wedding services consist of full wedding planning in any location in Portugal, including our assistance on the day of the event, so that our couples don’t have to worry and can enjoy their day to the fullest. 


Our Services - Destination Weddings
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More details and a comprehensive overview of this service will be provided upon our first free consultation.



It is getting more frequent to have couples that do want to celebrate their life and love together but are not interested in the traditional wedding format, for a variety of personal reasons. We call these, Commitment celebrations, in which our couples celebrate their life together in the way they feel resonates with them. There are no protocols, no rules or traditions to follow. 

We offer a full planning service for Commitment Celebrations, in a format that can vary and be adjusted to what our couples have in mind…all our clients need to do to is to “NAME IT” and we will work in it! 

Our Services - Commitment Celebrations
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More details and a comprehensive overview of this service will be provided upon our first free consultation.

We live in a fast-paced world and too often we forget to celebrate those simple, yet meaningful moments that make life worth living.

It is time to look at each other, see what has been accomplished as a couple and celebrate it! Reconnect with each other! Look ahead and make news vows for the upcoming years.

Our Services - Vows Renewal

More details and a comprehensive overview of this service will be provided upon our first free consultation.




Our Services - Celebrations of Life Landmarks

Regardless of the nature of our couples/clients’ events – wedding, vows renewals, landmark celebrations or any other important life moment – our professional team is available to handle all the end-to-end details on the day of your event, assuring that our couples/clients enjoy their day to the fullest. 

When they choose this option, our couples/clients will have been running the planning process by themselves but want to have someone to look after their day, so they can relax and have fun with their family & friends. 

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Please get in touch with us to get more details and a comprehensive outline of the inclusions for this service.

Our Services - On the Day once off Coordination
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