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Destination Weddings and other celebrations in Portugal

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Destination Wedding in Portugal

Magical Old Palaces in the woods, manor houses set in idyllic places, modern venues overlooking the sea and/or a majestic river, Vineyards in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a wide range of hotels, exquisite farm venues in the countryside…

These are just some samples of what we can offer in terms of venues for Weddings, Vows Renewal Celebrations, Commitment Celebrations and Life Landmarks Celebrations.

But there is more…

Why do your celebration in Portugal?

Served by great flight connections to and from the different corners of the world, Portugal is still considered one of the greatest value for money destinations in Europe, where you can have access to 4 and 5 star hotels at a very competitive price, alongside with delicious meal experiences and unique wines. Also, worth mentioning, Portugal has been a winner in various categories in the World and European Tourism awards latest editions.

Particularly for food and wine lovers, we can confidently state that it can be a stunning experience to come and taste our reputable gastronomy and well-known wines, from the different wine regions in Portugal. Offer is varied and rich in all parts of the country, going from fish to meat alternatives as well as an increasingly good and varied vegetarian and vegan options, always paired with excellent wines from grapes for every taste.

We are also very proud of our exclusive warm, kind, hospitable, flexible and generous population that always look after our visitors, making them feel at home and providing all kinds of assistance they may require. This is the Portuguese way.

Being a small country, it is very easy and quick to access all regions of the country. As an example, the distance from Lisbon to Porto or the Algarve is between 2 to 3 hours by car.

Because we are served with ocean, rivers, mountains, UNESCO Heritage sites, fauna and flora protected national parks, among other sightseeing, there are plenty of options for leisure programs during your stay in Portugal.

And of course, we must add that, with a Mild Climate, Portugal offers an average of 300 sunny days per year and temperatures are averaged from 32/34º in the summer to 11/12º Celsius Degrees in the winter.


Bruno Madeira on Pixabay

Pedro de Grão on Pixabay

Philip Miles on pixabay

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