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How to improve your guests experience in your Destination Wedding or Event

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Destination Weddings or Events are, in general, considered as small vacations for your guests, which becomes even more interesting if the destination is appealing to them or not. Therefore, making sure you develop a smooth plan for your guests stay is crucial. Providing them with a good amount of accommodation options, easy access to the destination and wedding/event venue and preparing a list of things your guests can do on their own or with a group, are ways of improving your guests’ experience!

Take a look at some ideas we feel would be really nice for your guests:

5 Ideas how to improve your guests experience in your Destination Wedding or Event

1. Welcome Cocktail

Always a good way to greet and see everyone. Ideally this should take place in the afternoon/evening prior to the wedding, as everyone may have arrived already. You can do it in the hotel where you are staying (if the majority of your guests are staying there or very close by) or at a more central location, to guarantee that everyone can get there easily.

2. Boat cruise

Depending on where you are hosting your wedding/event, we feel that this is one of the most successful programs to do as a group. It doesn’t have to be a long cruise – 1h30/2h will usually do – but it is so welcoming, relaxing and enjoyable for everyone! If your guests have one day in Lisbon, for example, they will love it!

3. Wine Tastings

Maybe one of the most popular things to do! Again, they don’t take too long, and everyone seems to enjoy tasting some good local wines, always accompanied with some friendly explanations and history.

4. Workshops

This can be super fun and there are always so many options available:

  • cooking workshops,

  • arts & crafts,

  • bread making…

They are very hands-on type of activity, so they get great acceptance from most people.

5. Late Brunch or Picnic after the wedding/event

It works super well to create one more moment for your guests before everyone leaves, and as we say in our Portuguese way… this moment should be around a table!! But you don’t need to make it too formal. It can be very simple and casual. A Brunch at your hotel or at a nearby restaurant or even a picnic are great options.

Why Portugal?

Portugal is a great place for a Destination Wedding or Event, with lots to do, see and breathtaking locations for weddings or events. Get in touch with us or check out more information about our events and ideas.

At NAME IT Weddings & Events, we are experts in preparing leisure programs for our couple´s guests, so do contact us if you would like to know more.

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