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5 Elegant Venues in Lisbon

We can proudly state that after you choose Lisbon for your wedding or event, you will face a very "good problem" – selecting the right venue.

The available offer is quite varied, not only in terms of architecture – historical, modern, riverfront, beach, mountain venues…. – but also, in terms of capacities and size, costs & general conditions, location, access, facilities and so on.

To give you a taster, we are sharing with you a selection of a few of our preferred venues in Lisbon for smaller events – 30-50 people.

Our 5 Elegant Venues selection in Lisbon Area (EM) for 30-50 people

1. Casa dos Penedos (Sintra)

A Manor-House located in the heart of Sintra romantic Village. Its location is superb as well as the spaces available to use for events in this venue.

A great advantage of this venue is the flexibility of the different rooms and garden and how they connect with each other, providing a great variety of events that can be held in it.

2. Hotel One Palácio Anunciada (Lisbon)

Wonderful location right in the centre of Lisbon, this is one of the trendiest Boutique hotels of the city.

Putting together an elegant and contemporary design with the history of the building, dated from the XVI century, this hotel offers a real elegant and sophisticated touch to any event.

3. Vila Cascais

Elegance is the main word to describe this beautiful venue. It is located in an old building, right next to Cascais bay and offers a contemporary, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

It is the ideal place for micro-weddings or vows renewal celebrations.

4. Vila Tamariz

Different areas, suitable for more formal or informal events, it has a magnificent location right at the beach and accommodation facilities within walking distance.

5. Palácio Monserrate

Lush gardens with exotic species from all over the world, fountains, lakes, ruins… It is considered a masterpiece of Romanticism. Popular among writers, including Lord Byron, the Monserrate Palace is among the most beautiful Palaces of Portugal and one of the most looked for wedding venues in Portugal.

Do you want to know more?

In case you are interested in getting to know more about the venues shortlisted or other venues in Lisbon or around Portugal, check our services and get in touch with me here! I will be happy to chat with you at a convenient time for you!

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