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Wedding & Event Trends for 2021

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

In our opinion, every wedding or family related event should be a reflection of the personality of the couple/clients hosting it, instead of a full representation of what is in trend at the moment.

Nevertheless, it is true that there are trends that tend to be a reflection of our own evolution and it is also true that we live in a global world, with a deep and strong presence of social media and internet that end up influencing our life and some of the decisions we make.

On top of this, we cannot ignore the biggest subject of 2020: The Pandemic! It forced so many changes in our daily life and has had a huge impact in how we can (not) be with our friends and family. Safety rules made all of us rethink and redesign how we could all try being together. Consequently, the changes for 2021 are big compared to the ones occurred in previous years and they aren’t only about color palettes and décor. In fact, they go way beyond that! They have come to provide a completely different feel to weddings and/or family events and we have found a way to bring love to it!

Wedding Trends for 2021

1. More Intimate

With the reduction of guest lists, weddings turned into more intimate gatherings, providing a warmer atmosphere where couples get to spend more time with each and every one of their guests. This is why the words for 2021 are: micro-weddings or mini monies!

2. Highly focused on personal details

As they are having less people, couples are focusing on exclusive details to make their event stand out and be a loyal reflection of themselves. As an example, bespoke cocktails and canapés based on the couples´ tastes are becoming a very popular request to catering companies.

3. More creative

With a greater need for detail and personalization, we can also see that gatherings are getting more and more creative and this isn’t only about the layout, tablescape or other… it is also about the time of the day they take place. Brunch weddings are a must now, for example.

4. Not just one day event only The idea of spending only one day with beloved ones is rapidly fading away. Current couples are now seeking for longer experiences to enjoy and provide to their guests. They tend to look for two- or three-day experiences combined with their wedding/event day.

2021 will be different but it will shine for sure! Do not expect anything less! To know more about where to host your micro-wedding or micro-event in Portugal, click here

*Photos by Haute Stock

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