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Douro Valley Weddings: A breathtaking scenario

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

A wine region by excellence, Douro is the perfect wedding scenario for those who love wine and mountain type Nature!

As a UNESCO World heritage site and one of the most renowned wine regions of the world, Douro is unquestionably a special place.

…When a picture is worth a thousand words…

This is the Douro Valley…a place which takes our breath away every time we visit it, and every time we do, there is always more to see…

Why we love it?

Due to its geography and the vast vineyards spread along the Douro river, Douro provides a feeling of fresh air and stillness that brings alive all your senses.

It is an area with a great offer in terms of accommodation and event facilities in farms overlooking mountains or in boutique vintage hotels by the river, thus turning the Douro area such an exclusive place.

To consider Douro for your wedding or party, we recommend that you fly to Porto International Airport that is the closest one located at around 1h30/2h00 drive away from most popular places of Douro.

Things to do and see:

Even though the majority of life in Douro is developed around the wine production, there are other things to see and do, like:

  • Visiting historical sites,

  • Discovering hidden treasures like the Lello library in Oporto which inspired so many of Harry Potter's books,

  • Tasting the traditional delicacies

  • Doing breathtaking river cruises

  • Go on adventurous jeep tours..

All tastes and expectations can be fulfilled in Douro.

So… feeling blown away already? To get even more excited about this Portuguese treasure, reach out to us and our services, we would love to share so much more.

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