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Vows Renewal

St Valentines’ Day is here and this time it is not just about how did he or she proposed… 🖤 … despite my natural curiosity on how It actually was, of course!

In fact, I want to challenge all married couples out there with a simple question: have you ever thought about renewing your vows?

Yes, I know that saying “I do” for the first time is a big step, however, reaffirming your relationship under new or old vows is HUGE! This is not about committing to one another, but to reconnect with each other and look ahead to what the future holds, based on what you have been living together.

Many couples choose milestone anniversaries to do it – 5/10/15 years…. – but after such a tough year for all of us, do you really want to wait to celebrate your love and what you have accomplished so far as a married couple?

Vows Renewal Parties

2020 brought a lot of lessons about sharing, patience, understanding, resilience and above all, how our life can change in just a few seconds. It is definitely the right time to put everything into perspective and renew vows or even set new promises for the upcoming years.

Vows renewal parties or ceremonies don’t require any licenses or documents, do not have a standard format nor do they need to be as big as a wedding - … unless you want it to! Of course! So they can be totally designed as you like. Simple as this!

In Portugal, you will find a wide variety of venues and locations that would be perfect for this type of celebration, so do get in touch with us if you are up to Renew your vows! This could be combined with a great holiday or weekend programme to make it even more special and remarkable.

You can also take a look at more information about celebrations in Portugal.

*Photos by Haute Stock

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