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Destination weddings and other celebrations in Lisbon

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Weddings in Lisbon

Lisbon by Franky1st (Pixabay)

Charming, historical, contemporary, welcoming, captivating, lively, these are just some attributes that are used to describe Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

A city blessed by its location, set in seven hills, a place where we find the perfect blend between history and modernity, with a great atmosphere and vibration, where people walk proudly through its colored and picturesque streets, savor its’ tastes and tell stories of the great times of the discoveries, and of course “that unique light” of Lisbon.

A DAY IN LISBON: See our suggested itinerary to explore Lisbon's highlights in one day!

Served by our International Airport in the heart of the city, Lisbon is easily accessible from other European cities and from other places around the globe, providing a comfortable and pleasant journey, from the moment our visitors leave their homes and land.

With a great infrastructure of hotels, ranging from big & iconic hotels, to more boutique properties with an historical environment or design led setting, great, varied and elegant venues for weddings & events, set in ancient buildings, or more trendy places facing the river, there is a lot to explore in the city.

The Riviera and other destinations close to Lisbon

beautiful Cascais by TeeFarm (Pixabay)

The Lisbon coast, known as the Riviera of Lisbon, is located just 30 minutes by car. The development of this area, with places like Estoril or Cascais, started when the noble families built their summer residences in it and what was once an old fishing village, rapidly became a trendy place to go.

The fairytale village of Sintra

The fairytale village of Sintra is is a must visit when you come to Lisbon! At only 45 minutes distance from Lisbon city centre, Sintra is simply a magical place… literally! In the heart of the Moon Mountain range (the Sun Mountain range is Arrábida!) with its rich vegetation of trees and unique rocks, we can find old palaces, manor-houses and a landscape that make this an enchanting and breathtaking place. Did you know that Lord Byron wrote many of his masterpieces inspired by Sintra?

For the most romantic ones, Sintra is a must-go place to walk around, visit its palaces like Palacio da Regaleira, da Pena or de Monserrate, and for the nature lovers, it offers hours of walking trails..

The food

The gastronomy in Lisbon is very rich and diverse from meat options to the famous codfish 365 recipes, passing by delicious pastries like the famous over 100-years-best kept-secret-recipe of the Pastel de Nata or the famous cheese tarts (queijadas) of Sintra. We even have Pastelarias at every corner street ready to welcome you for a seated coffee or tea with a pastry moment. Eating well and with pleasure is a core part of who we are as Portuguese.

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