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Commitment Celebrations VS Weddings

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

It is very common to be asked about the difference of a Commitment Celebration VS Weddings. Having that in mind, we decided to write about it in the hope that this will be relevant and helpful information for you, if you are still hesitant on the next move on your relationship.

Tradition is no longer what it was decades ago! Times have changed, we all know about that, and not everyone wants to have a traditional wedding or, in other words, do not want to get married. There are plenty of reasons that people may have, but there is also a very important detail about this decision: unmarried couples´ rights are nowadays pretty close to married ones, even though there are still significant differences prevailing. In general, unmarried equality is becoming a reality, turning unmarried couples more confident and secure on their decision.

Needless to say that for more traditional families, this type of decision may be subject to additional questions or debates, but this is normal too.

Party without the formalities

Reality and numbers show that there are more and more couples that are willing to celebrate their life together without signing a contract. Their main focus is their relationship and not the marriage contract itself. They still arrange a party in their country or abroad and, very often, this party becomes very similar to a normal wedding party but without the formalities.

In fact, some couples even opt for adding a symbolic ceremony, where they exchange vows before their loved ones in a way that is meaningful to them.

If you think of It, a commitment celebration can have a bigger surprise element than a traditional wedding, as guests may not have a clue on what will happen.

What really matters here is the love you feel for one another and how you want to express it is totally up to you!

For sure your friends and family will be happy to witness this moment and will not care too much whether you have signed a contract or not!

If you are up for a Commitment Celebration in Portugal or want to know more about this, take a look at our services HERE.

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