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5 Tips to help you save on your wedding or event budget

One of the most sensitive details about a wedding or event is the budget available for it and it is very common that couples all over the world end up in challenging situations as they don't often think this through.

There are always ways to save on costs, but the key thing is to keep track of your numbers as you go along in the planning process.

Emotional decisions will come to you and you need to be strong enough to stay focused and in line with what you really can and want to afford.

What sometimes can happen is that a slip on the budget damages the perception of your wedding or event afterwards. This is definitely something you should avoid as much as possible. So, take a look at a few tips to help you save on your budget if you need to:

Tips to help you save on your wedding

1. Choose an Off-peak date – preferable off-season or on weekdays

If you go for a high season wedding, please be aware that there are venues/caterers/Vendors that offer more competitive prices if you choose to have your wedding during the week. Also, go for quieter months can also be a great trick to cut costs and still use your dream venue, specially in a place like Portugal where the weather is great all year long! 2. Be Strict with your priorities

This is one of the best tips I can actually give you…The planning process will have some challenges along the way, not only will you come across emotional inclusions but also you will be required to make adjustments to better fit your needs, and that, will come with additional costs.

You have to keep focused on what your priorities are, so that you can take the best decision for your day.

If no solution is coming to your mind, speak to your vendors and take advantage of their expertise to come up with alternatives for you.

3. Choose your Venue wisely

Ok, I know that this is very easy to say and very difficult to do… but I must emphasize how important this is in the overall experience of your wedding. If you need to work out some magic with your budget, you should choose a venue that is naturally beautiful and requires minimum investment in décor to make it look like you dream. Also, the size of the venue is another relevant aspect in this topic. Don’t go for huge venues that will require extra décor to look more comfortable.

4. Décor Variety A bit of this and that is the best way to do it.

  • If you want to have flowers, choose seasonal ones and combine with greens.

  • You can also add some candles (in glass jars or not) as well as other elements.

  • Etc.

This will not only provide a different character to the look of the room, as it will also be a great creative touch.

5. Look at your guest list Another topic that can be difficult to manage, but if you are really struggling on who to remove from your list, try to start with a Children Free wedding policy. Trust me, this can represent a significant saving (and all the parents get to enjoy a child free event they will thank you for!).

To sum up, these are just a few ideas to help you save on the budget for your wedding or event, nevertheless, if you are seeking more assistance on your Portugal Wedding or Event planning, reach out to us

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